Milton Keynes Store Championship 5th March


This is actually the 3rd store championship I’ve been to recently, but due to work and other issues I’ve neglected to post reports on the previous ones (first was at Warboar games, second was at Ibuywargames).

In my first 2 store champ’s I flew the same list I flew at the ETC qualifier, but have done progressively worse with it, so felt like a change. I’d come across an interesting Boba Bossk build on the ffg forum so decided to give it a try.


Boba, Veteran Instincts, Tactician, Glitterstim and Engine Upgrade 48

Bossk, Veteran Instincts, Mangler Cannon, Tactician, K4 Security Droid, Outlaw Tech and Engine Upgrade 51

I’d flown this list once in practice before Christmas and lost with it, but felt that six games in a tournament would be a good way of learning to fly the YV-666.


The MK store champ was a 48 person event, however 2 people didn’t show, so 46 of us battled it out.


Round one.

My opponent was flying Soontir Fel with push the limit, autothrusters, royal guard title and a stealth device, Omega leader with push the limit, comm relay and stealth device and Captain Yorr with fire control system and Palpatine, 99 points. I lost the roll for initiative and my opponent gave it to me.


He set up in a corner and I set up opposite him, aiming to kill Yorr first as it would stop my tactician from working to full effect. After a few rounds of shooting I’d killed Yorr and taken quite a bit of damage on Boba, as it was the bigger threat to Soontir. I managed to take out omega leader with Boba before boba got taken out by Soontir, however I had managed to restrict Soontir’s movement via stress and then took him out with a range 1 salvo from Bossk vs a turtled up Soontir (my opponent didn’t want to risk getting double stressed by boosting into range 2).



Round two.

My opponent was a fellow 186th squadron pilot, flying Soontir Fel with push the limit, autothrusters, royal guard title and targeting computer, Howlrunner with crackshot and 3 black squadron’s with crackshot. 98 points. He gave me initiative.


I jokingly suggested that we joust, but I then set up in the opposite corner from him, we ended up meeting in the middle with Boba jousting his ties while soontir came in from the side and Bossk came in from the other. I managed to take out Howlrunner while poor Boba got reduced to 1 hull remaining, however he then refused to die for the next few turns, letting me pin soontir down and kill him along with a black sq tie before Boba finally died. Bossk managed to comfortably take on the remaining ties and grab me another win.



Round three.

My opponent was flying Corran with push the limit, fire control system, R2D2 and shield upgrade, and Chewie with predator, C3PO and engine upgrade. 100 points.


He set up in the middle and I set up on my right, he flew away and circled with Chewie while Corran k turned then flew back in. I tried to focus on Corran but ended up over extending with Bossk which stopped me double stressing Corran. I lost Bossk pretty quickly and only just managed to reduce Chewie to half health before I lost Boba.


(I also forgot to take any pictures)

Round four.

My opponent was flying Chewie with predator and Nein Nunb and Dash with predator, heavy laser cannon, Outrider title and recon spec. 100 points


He set up in the corner so I set up Bossk opposite them and Boba central. After I moved bossk forwards we were just in range so I boosted Boba in and focused on Chewie because he was within range of both. I managed to reduce chewie to a few hull remaing but poor Bossk had taken the brunt of the fire and ran away with only 1 hp left. I chased chewie down with Boba and took him out, then managed to take down Dash but just lost Bossk before killing him.



Round five.

My opponent was flying double Agressors. B & D both with crackshot, fire control system, heavy laser cannon, glitterstim, IG-2000 title and autothrusters. 100 points.


I was quite aggressive and moved towards him quickly, knowing that once I got into range 2 the stress would start shutting him down. I took a pounding on Boba but just managed to focus fire and kill IG B, which really cut down the return fire as his dice went cold and mine warmed up. I managed to make it as difficult as possible for him to stay focused on any one target and finally took him out without losing a ship, my first time today!



Round six.

My opponent was flying Vader with veteran instincts, x1 title and advanced targeting computer, Whisper with veteran instincts, fire control system and advance cloaking device and Omicron pilot with Palpatine. 99 points.

I won the roll for initiative and took it, to give me the advance vs Whisper, I then completely forgot about killing his phantom and decided to kill the shuttle first for some reason. I managed to kill the shuttle but then lost Boba the next turn. Bossk tried his best but even shooting a uncloaked phantom at range one with a target lock and a focus he couldnt manage to put any damage through, and got taken out over the next few turns.




That last game annoyed me the most, as I really should have at least killed his phantom, but I blame it on being tired. I managed to win 4 and lose 2 with an almost completely untested list, and I also got quite a bit of praise for my deadpool themed Firespray (with deadpool mini figure who was along for the ride).


After the scores were added up I ended up finishing 11th, and got my 3rd alt art C3PO.

Rather annoyingly I had considered trading the mangler cannon and outlaw tech on Bossk for gunner, and had brought it with me, but decided to not make the change. I feel gunner would have helped me way more today, however that was only due to Imperial’s having a stronger showing at MK, and vs the majority of Rebel lists that I’ve been encountering recently gunner would have been pretty useless.

South East european team championship qualifier tournament 23rd January



On Saturday the 23rd of January the South East ETC qualifier was held at Warboar wargaming Paradice boardgame cafe. There are several qualifiers taking part to decide the team of 6 players who will be sent to Greece to take part in the ETC in August later on this year.

Despite having no intention of attending the ETC I couldn’t turn down the chance to take part in an x wing tournament, however a few weeks earlier I had been at a winter kit tournament at Warboar/Paradice and had done pretty badly, winning 2 games and losing 3. I had no idea what to fly in the current meta, and decided on a list a week ago, after trying it out once I decided to drop Vessery with VI, HLC and Tie mk2 engines and replace him with Echo, as I really enjoyed flying Echo previously.


Tie Phantom Echo, Veteran Instincts, Sensor jammer, Intel agent & Advanced cloaking device

Tie/FO Omega leader, Juke & Comm relay

2 x Tie/FO zeta sq Pilots

98 points.


So I turn up to the tournament with a list I hadn’t actually flown before, hoping to finish in the top half. There are exactly 50 players, which means 6 rounds of swiss, with a time limit of 75 minutes per round.
Game 1.

I’m up against 3 blue sq T70’s with R2 and integrated astromech, and a gold sq Y wing with twin laser turret (99 points).

We approach each other and I manage to reduce 1 T70 to 1 hit point left and strip the shileds from another before I lose my 3 Tie/FO’s. Echo however manages to either arc dodge or just dodge all the shots and finishes off all 3 T70s. I then spend the remaining time chasing down the Y wing, finally killing it with only 1 hp left on Echo. A rather nerve racking game, and only my first! Maybe I’ve made a mistake flying Echo at a 6 game tournament.

100-58 win


Game 2.

I’m up against a fellow 186th team mate (there were about 15-16 of us there) Flying Han with VI, falcon title, C3PO, Luke and engine upgrade and Miranda with twin laser turret, Intel agent and advanced slam (100 points).

I make my first mistake by giving him initiative, and my second by misjudging a block on Han on the 4th turn. This led to me losing Echo, however I managed to kill Miranda, and then lost a zeta. Over the next few turns I lost my remaining ships without putting any damage into Han, having stripped 4-5 shields over the first few turns. My one weakness with phantoms is turret ships, and Han is excellent at hunting phantoms. At least the game was over quickly letting me grab lunch while most people were still playing 😉

38-100 loss



So with lunch out of the way its onto game 3.

My opponent was flying Eaden Vrill with anti pursuit lasers, Miranda with twin laser turret and tactician, and a red sq T70 with crack shot, R3A2 and integrated astromech (100 points).

Learning from the previous game I took initiative (so Echo could cloak after shooting to protect her from Miranda). We met near the middle and I managed to kill Eaden Vrill for the loss of Echo. I was chipping shields from Miranda and also slowly killing the red sq T70. I lost both zeta’s but managed to kill the T70. Leaving a 2hp omega leader vs a 1 shield Miranda with about 40 minutes left on the clock. Over the next 30 minutes Omega leader shined, he took 1 damage and then refused to die, thanks to comm relay and not allowing Miranda to modify the attack dice. I slowly chipped away at Miranda then managed to block that pesky K wing off the board after only a 2 turn would have kept it on.

100-72 win.


Game 4 was against double Agressors. B&C with identical load outs. Crackshot, fire control system, heavy laser cannon, glitterstim, autothrusters and IG-2000 title (100 points)

I sent Echo up the flank and had a nice opening salvo on IG-C with omega leader and the zeta’s, forcing him to pop glitterstim. I then lost omega to the combined fire of both IG’s. I made a mistake with Echo and misjudged a k turn from a damaged IG-C, bumping instead of getting a range 1 shot on a tokenless ship. I managed to reduce it to 1hp next turn but died. I then managed to finish off IG-C with my zetas, leaving them both on 1 hp left vs IG-B. Luckily I managed to predict his S loop and block his boost, leaving both my ships at range 1. After surviving the primary attack I managed to destroy it with a direct hit.

100-66 win



Game 5 was vs a rather interesting rebel swarm. 3 rookie pilots and 3 bandit sq (99 points).

I sent the zeta’s up the middle while flanking with omega leader on the left and Echo on the right. He made short work of my zeta’s, which did some damage spread among his ships, then omega leader died shortly after a z exploded. Leaving echo vs 3 x wings and 2 z’s. As the final turn gets called I destroy his last x wing for the win. I felt horrid, having tried chasing down a phantom with a swarm, but Echo managed to pull it through for me.

100-58 win



So round 6 rolls round and I’m on 4 wins and a loss, which was a huge shock for me. my last opponent is team mates with my round 1 and round 5 opponent’s, and tells me they advised him to take out Echo first… He’s flying 4 cartal marauder Khiraxzs and serissu in an M3A.

I send Echo down the left flank while my 3 tie/FO’s meet him head on. Despite superior blocking and flying from him my zeta’s manage to hang around for way longer then they should, while I lose my omega leader pretty quickly. Echo is darting around taking pot shots at damaged ships but once again I lose my zeta’s without killing anything, and once again as the final round gets called I destroy his last ship.

100-58 win



I must admit that I only had one really bad match up, which I lost. The round 3 game was pretty close but Echo can fly rings round swarms, which she did quite successfully. I managed to finish 5th out of 50, thanks to my terrible mov I was the lowest of the 5 wins and a loss group.

It was also one of the most stressful tournaments I’ve been to, thanks to losing a lot of my ships early on in games.

However despite the picture above I managed to avoid going over any asteroids with Echo, which is a new personal best 😀 I won a cogotwo acrylic connors net token and a range ruler, however missed out on one of the top 4 Feldherr case by 17 mov 😦


Overall a great day at a great venue, and with several store championships coming up  soon I shall try and write several more reports.

Welcome to x-wing (part two)


So you’ve bought some ships and played a few games, here’s a quick guide to some of the fundamentals of X-wing.

*any rules quoted will be from the force awakens core set rules reference available here*



Initiative is decided at the beginning of the game, and stays like that for the whole of the game. It decides who places the first obstacle, and who deploys, moves and shoots first if both players have ships with the same pilot skill. The squad with the lowest points value gets to pick who has initiative, If equal then you roll for it and the winner decides.

*pages 12 and 17*


Activation and movement

There are 3 colours of maneuver, white, green and red.

Green clears a single stress token after completing it (thus allows you to perform an action if you had 1 stress token and cleared it).

White is fine

Red will give you a stress after completing it (thus making you unable to perform an action). Even if you do not fully resolve a red maneuver due to bumping) you will still receive a stress token.

*pages 4 and 10*



When you shoot at each other the attacker rolls red dice, the defender rolls green dice, and if any hits or crits are not cancelled by the green dice the defender gets hit. This is it at its simplest, however I recommend you read pages 4 and 5 of the rules reference for this one.


Pilot skill (or PS)

Pilot skill determines movement (activation) and shooting as well as the order ships set up in. If a ship has the lowest PS it will move first, and wont be able to be blocked by an enemy ship, however it will shoot last.

If a ship has the highest PS it will move last, meaning that it has the possibility of being blocked, however it might has the opportunity to reposition itself. It also shoots first.

*pages 4, 9 and 15*

If ships are destroyed before their PS step they don’t get to attack (unless they are destroyed by a ship at the same PS step *simultaneous attack rule pages 10 and  17*)



There are quite a few different actions around, from dice modification to movement. all of these either help your ship attack better or defend better, while some do both. As a general rule you cannot perform actions when stressed, or if you bump/are blocked by an enemy ship.

*page 3*


Using the focus action gives you a focus token. You can spend that focus token when attacking or defending to change any Eye results to hits or to evades. It is a very good action to use if you are in a position to attack and also be attacked. Unspent focus tokens are removed in the end phase.

*page 11*


Target lock (TL)

Using the TL action assigns a target lock token to both the ship that uses it and an enemy ship. You can either spend the TL to reroll any of the dice, or to fire ordinance (such as adv. proton torpedoes). Anything needing you to spend the TL to use it will instruct you to do so. Unspent TL’s are not removed at the end of each turn, and will stay until used or until one of the ships with the tokens is destroyed.

*page 3*



Using the evade action gives you an evade token. This can be spent when defending an attack to add an evade result to your roll. choosing to focus or evade can be a tricky choice. Unspent evade tokens are removed in the end phase.

*page 10*

Barrel roll/boost

Both of these actions allow you to reposition your ship in different ways. They can be very useful on higher PS ships as they allow you to react to the changed state of the board. Barrel rolling lets you move sideways using the 1 straight maneuver template, while boost lets you perform either a 1 bank or 1 straight maneuver.

*pages 6 and 7*


There are a lot more actions out there, but these are the basics.


And that’s all for today. I hope I helped explain some more about this great game.

Welcome to X wing



So you’ve recently picked up one of the core sets (or both).

I thought I’d write a quick intro post of what to do next.

My first suggestion is to pick up ships you like, and to get as many games in as possible. While the rules are pretty simple (as tabletop war games go) there are still nuances to get.

The FFG business model is to release ship blisters that have different upgrades and pilots to what you get in the core sets. meaning that some upgrades are hard to get if you only aim to collect a single faction.

x wing miniatures wiki has a run down of what upgrades are in each pack.

(yet another squad) builder and x wing squad builder are two very good squad builders. showing all upgrades available (and even some that aren’t available yet but have been spoiled by previews), they also show what expansion the cards come in.



The next step is learning to fly, practice makes perfect here, but once you get used to where your ships move (as there are only 11 movement templates) the only other difference is between small based ships and large based ships.

earning your wings is a fantastic series regarding the mechanics of moving.

Useful links is on the FFG x wing forum too, full of useful links (shocking that).

But be careful, as “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”. Like any forum it has pros and cons. It does also have a rules section, which is useful for any particular rules queries you may have.


Lastly FFG X wing documents contains links to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and tournament rules, as well as a few other useful documents. FAQ’s are important, as they cover any issues that may have arisen over the past few years, or rule problems between certain upgrades.

186th celebratory tournament hosted by Warboar

On Sunday Warboar wargaming hosted a tournament celebrating the 186th (Jesper and Dominic) doing well at the nationals. We showed up in force with just under half (18) of the 39 players being 186th.

I decided to run Hillbots again, as I quite enjoy flying them, and they are pretty potent.

IG-B, adv sensors, push the limit, mangler cannon, autothrusters and IG-2000 title

IG-C, adv sensors, push the limit, heavy laser cannon, autothrusters and IG-2000 title

99 points

My first game was vs a fellow 186th player, who doesn’t play that often.

Soontir, push the limit, royal guard title, autothrusters and targeting computer

Vessery, ruthlessness, cluster missile

Omicron shuttle, vader

I give him initiative, then set up opposite his shuttle and make that priority target number one, as it’s pretty easy to focus down, and once my shields are down it would deal annoying crits via vader. 2 turns of shooting later and it goes down, having done nothing. I manage to set a trap for soontir and take him out, leaving vessary, who is unable to fire his cluster missiles due to me avoiding his arc with whoever he has a target lock on. Vessary doesn’t last much longer.


Game two was vs another 186th again. well the odds were pretty good.

Scum kath, push the limit, k4 security droid, inertial dampeners, engine upgrade, heavy laser cannon

Mandalorian merc, veteran instincts, heavy laser cannon

I set up bottom right, while he took top left. As both of his ships would move after me and shoot before, I knew i was facing a list designed to beat mine (several of us were planning on running this list so quite a few people brought counters).

The first few turns fly by and I’m constantly out of arc, while he is nibbling away at shields. I finally manage to start dealing damage to the merc, and take him out, only to lose IG B the next turn. So its IG C with 3 shields left vs a fully healthy Kath, I manage to get behind Kath (probably not the smartest plan, but means its harder for my opponent to arc dodge and still shoot), we trade fire and IG C is on 1 HP, however 2 range 1 shots from Kath from the rear only net 3 hits each time even though she had a TL, which I manage to evade, then I manage to finish of Kath.


Game three was vs yet another 186th.

Han, predator, C3PO, luke, Falcon title, engine upgrade

Jake, veteran instincts, push the limit, proton rockets, autothrusters

We’ve played a few times recently and I generally end up losing to this guy, but I have a rough idea on how to win.

I take bottom left and he takes top right, I rush towards him while he moves slowly, and I nibble at Jake a bit, reducing his shields. we then get to a very important turn, where I was originally going to bump Han to try and block him, but then realised that Jake wasnt stressed and a 1 turn from him would put him at ideal procket range on a tokenless IG. I instead ran the IG away and set up a shot from IG C with the heavy laser cannon. He spends his tokens on the first shot despite my advice to just take 1 hit, my return shot lands 2 damage through his evades and takes Jake out. The rest of the game is me trying to avoid losing an IG and trying to put hurt on Han. It ends with Han on 6 or 7 hull and one of my IG’s down to 2hp.


My fourth game was against someone who wasn’t 186th! shock!

4 blue b wings

1 bandit head hunter

I’ve never played this match up, but I wasnt that worried about it. we deployed in opposite corners and I moved slowly the first turn as did he, I then split up my IG’s and drew him through the centre of the board, able to only take a few shots here and there. However not many things were dying due to me being cautious. I nail a B wing, then the bandit, then realise we only have 5 minutes left. I misjudge a sloop which leaves the heavy laser cannon out of arc and I fail to kill anything else, while he has reduced one IG to 3 hp, and the other has lost a shield.


so game five comes around and I’m the only person on 4 full wins, though my MOV isnt great. The pairings get announced and I’m fighting Jesper, current UK national champion and the guy who has made the list I’m flying. Oh and hes flying a hard counter to it.

Soontir push the limit, royal guard title, stealth device, autothrusters

Whisper, veteran instincts, fire control system, gunner, advanced cloak

Dark curse, hull upgrade

We deploy in opposite corners, he moves slow while I try and rush dark curse, but am unable to kill him, he then proceeds to fly rings around me, correctly predicting my moves and nibbling away at my shields then hull. I manage to strip the shields from whisper, reduce dark curse to 1 hp, and land a hit on Soontir, but lose both IG’s about 3 minutes from the end.


So thanks to my poor MOV i get busted down from first place to fifth, and Jesper wins the tournament. It was a great day, lots of fun was had and I have received praise for my flying of IG’s (despite the grumbles about copying a national winning list). the 186th take the top 7 spots, which is always nice too.

Been awhile since my last report. Spring kit at promethean games in Bracknell

Since the nationals at the end of May I had slight x wing tournament burn out. However since then I’ve played in a few tournaments, generally finishing just over middle (3 wins 3 losses and 3 wins 2 losses).

A fellow 186th member invited me to a tournament in Bracknell, with spring kit prizes, 75 minute rounds plus £40 store credit for first place, £30 for second, and £20 each for third and fourth. I’d had an upset stomach a few days before, and had no idea what the meta was like, or what I felt like flying. So I packed 2 lists.

Jesper Hill’s national winning squad “hillbots”

IG-B with push the limit, advanced sensors, mangler cannon , title and autothrusters

IG-C with push the limit, advanced sensors, heavy laser cannon, title and autothrusters

99 points

and Echo the dolphin

Echo with veteran instincts, advanced sensors, intel agent and advanced cloaking device

2 x sigmas with fire control system, intel agent and stygian particle accelerators

99 points

15 minutes before the start of the tournament I decided on Hillbots, as the two 186th players I had traveled down with thought it was a stronger list.

First round gets announced, and I notice that out of the 24 players there are 5 double agressor lists (including mine), it also turns out that 4 of them are the exact same set up as mine (three of them 186th players) and one has the cannons swapped between B & C.

Round one opponent, imperial.

Soontir fel, push the limit, royal guard title, stealth device and autothrusters

carnor jax, push the limit, royal guard title, stealth device and autothrusters

royal guard, push the limit, royal guard title, stealth device and autothrusters

I win the roll for initiative, and take it, though it will only matter in regards to his royal guard. I set up on the right flank, while soontir and carnor are on the left, and the royal guard is central. I rush forwards and block the royal guard with B, only to 1 shot him with C’s heavy laser cannon. A good start. We then dance around the roids while I chip away at him and he chips away at me. I manage to kill Carnor while B gets reduced to 1-2 hitpoints left, when I manage to sneak through a damaged engine crit on soontir. this lets me just block him with B and then destroy him with C’s heavy laser cannon.


Round two opponent, Scum

Hillbots (flown by a fellow 186th)

So my opponent rolls for initiative and asks me to call hits or misses, I call crits, and he rolls a crit 😉 I let him have iniative, he doesn’t feel very confident. He deploys on my left, so I deploy on the right. we move about quite a bit, trying to focus our shots on one IG. He lands one IG on a roid and then one of my IG’s almost lands on it, as it was almost touching and might have been nudged we rolled for it, and I got away with not landing on it, which let me put some hurt on. Many many turns of flying around each other and shooting and my dice win out over his (especially as he has to decide to burn his focus on attack or not, while I can keep it for defense, then use it on attack if I didnt need to). I take out one of his IG’s then manage to chase the other one down and destroy it, having lost all my shields I think, but not much more damage then that.


Round three opponent, scum

Hillbots again (though flown by a non 186th player this time)

My opponent rolls for initiatiive and I call crit again, only for it to come up focus, and he gives me iniative… not good. I deploy left and he deploys right, we end up meeting head on in the middle and I come off worse in that exchange, losing 4 shields from B but only having done 2 shields worth of damage to his C. I cut my B in front of his IG and double action with C only to clear the stress by bumping, while my opponent had expected me to rush past him and he had planned sloops, which dont make it. I manage to strip his focus and put some hits on, then I double action and bump again next turn while his stressed C bumps again and B has to fly over a roid to try and avoid being shot, but doesnt escape my arc. This was a pretty big turn of events. over the next few turns I managed to chase him down and slowly destroy his ships, though I think C was pretty crippled by the end.


Round four opponent, rebels

Dash, predator, recon spec, engine upgrade, outrider title

2x green squadron A wings with push the limit, veteran instincts and chardaan refit

(flown by another fellow 186th pilot, I drove down with him and he helped convince me to run hillbots)

He sets up his A wings on the right and I set up opposite them, dash is central. I rush his A wings and ping off a shield, while also dealing a shields worth of damage to Dash. I proceed to get blocked via A wings, but also manage to get Dash into arc, forcing him to barrel roll or boost quite often, or double focus but get shot. I eventually destroy both his A wings and have Dash down to 3 hp, while B is down to 1 hp and running for his life. Dash barrel rolls out of B’s arc but is just in range of C, he then fails to kill B and C scores a natural 4 hits through a roid for Dash to roll 1 evade and bite it.


Game five opponent, rebels (the other 186th who got a lift with my previous opponent, and who also helped me to decide hillbots)

Han Solo, predator, falcon title, gunner and C3PO
Corran Horn, veteran instincts, fire control system, R2D2

Going into this game I was the only player on 4 wins, and I also had a rather decent MOV of 800, however I didn’t want to get complacent. Also this opponent has beaten me quite a few times over the last few tournaments I’ve been to, so revenge was due!

I set up on the left and he set up on the right, we slow rolled towards each other, with him doing k turns early on to draw me in. I did a beautiful 4K with C which blocked Corran but didnt manage to block Han, over the next 2 rounds C’s evade dice ran cold and I took a crit, damaged engines, I then took 2 more crits, damaged engine and blinded pilot, awesome. I did however manage to get a damaged cockpit crit through onto Han, making him PS0. Then C refused to die, despite having 14-16 attacks thrown at him. he basically circled the board from the top left around the top to my bottom right, while B was chipping away at Han and threatening Corran. I then finally managed to kill Han, and C rushed to put pressure on Corran. Corran K turned and shot at C, at range 3 through a debris, but I survived. C returned fire and rolled a natural 4 hits (though I did have a focus) which stripped all his shields and got a damage through, B at range 1 finished the deal.


So results are tallied, but I’m the only person with 5 wins, and also a perfect MOV score!

Here is a picture of my squad and winnings (I decided to order myself a 3rd box of conquest as part of the prize, and am saving the rest until wave 7 comes out). First and second place also won free entry to the next x wing tournament they run, which is pretty cool.

May update 6 of 6, UK nationals at Birmingham

So the big day approaches, the UK nationals! 16 of the 186th join up alongside 100+ other gamers to try our luck at becoming the 3rd UK national champion!

After much soul searching, I decide to change my list last minute and try something I’ve flown only a few times before. This helps me have less internal pressure to do well, and lets me just enjoy an awesome tournament. While a cop out, I had a great time. I’d also wanted to run double IG-88’s for awhile but hadnt gotten around to it.

Game one was vs 4 blues with adv sensors.

I felt kinda bad, as I knew as soon as I saw this list that I would be running away a lot, trying to draw the B’s into the obstacles to split them up. Which I did pretty well. I managed to slowly whittle them down one by one, then one of my IG’s got put down to only a few hit points remaining. with time called as we were about to put down our dials, I suggested we call it there as I was unlikely to kill the remaining B, and there was no chance of that B getting my IG in arc.


Game 2 was vs a fellow 186th opponent, who I faced in enfield earler that month.

He was running IG B and C, both with adv sensors, PTL, autothrusters and a mangler cannon on B, and a HLC on C.

I knew this match would be tough, having less fire power and also less experience then my opponent. True to form he out flew me and ripped me apart, though I made him worry for a few turns after I had managed to strip the shields from one of his IG’s for the loss of 2 shields on one of mine.


Game 3 was vs yet another 186th member, running IG B with ptl, adv sensors, autothrusters and HLC alongside 4 Binayres. I have no worries about facing this list with Xizor, but had never faced it with dual IG’s.

Quite frankly, I made a huge mistake and went for his IG, instead of his Z’s. by the time I had realised my mistake I was down a IG and the game was lost, though I managed to kill 3 z’s before I lost my last ship.


Game 4 was vs Dash with ptl, kyle katarn, mangler cannon and outrider alongside 3 bandits and a talon.

I went into this game feeling pretty confident, as I know that the mangler suffers vs the 3 agility + focus evade and autothrusters of an IG. I managed to put a few early hits on his Dash then under estimated a 3 bank to leave one of my IG’s facing his corner, he went for a block with one of his z’s so I popped inertial dampeners, letting his z fly off next turn. I started to take some damage on my IG’s but it was too little to late and I wiped him out for no loss.


Game 5 was vs yet another 186th, the same guy I lost to in my first round at Darksphere on monday. Dash, predator, recon spec, hlc, outrider and 3 prototype A wings with chardaan refit.

This was one of those games where the dice decided to abandon me. though I didnt fly very well either. I went for his A’s at first due to their annoying blocking skills, yet just couldnt get any down. His Dash did what Dash does and hammered me while his A’s blocked me, stopping me from chasing Dash or from combining my firepower on the same A. I killed an A and lost both ships.


So on to game 6, and I’d really like to win this to make it 3 for 3. So I end up playing yet another 186th, my 4th for the day, and with my track record vs them I wasnt too optimistic.

He was flying a swarm I’d had some practice with before. Howlrunner, swarm tactics, 2 academy ties, 3 alpha interceptors.

I made a few stupid mistakes, but he was yet to play vs dual IG’s as he’d been out of the loop for awhile, I took some damage along the way, but as soon as I’d taken a few ships out it was impossible for him to do any damage, thanks to focus/evade and autothrusters, along with him having to k turn or barrel roll to keep me in arc. With only 2 ships left for him and 10 minutes left of the round he conceded.


So the results are tallied and I’m…..50th , 6th out of the 186th squadron pilots. We have 2 who made it into the top 16, my second round opponent running dual IG’s and someone running a Chewie Corran build.

The next day the top 16 play the knockout, and after the dust clears my squadmates are in the final game facing off against each other!

The Dual IG build wins, while in the escalation tournament a few more 186th grab 1st and 3rd! We’re all pretty happy with the result, never in our wildest dreams had we expected to do so well at nationals (the guy who came second with Chewie Corran also came second in the imperial assault nationals on Friday).